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          Genome Antiviral Defense Enhancement through CRISPR Cas9 Editing. A Collaborative Project with StatCan Gene Surveillance - 2022

In 2022, I had the privilege of working alongside StatCan Gene Surveillance on an innovative project aimed at enhancing genome antiviral defense mechanisms using the CRISPR Cas9 editing system. Our collaboration was focused on monitoring, reporting, and implementing cutting-edge techniques to bolster the body's natural antiviral defenses. This project not only explored the potential of CRISPR Cas9 but also fostered creative ideas for future applications in the field of genetic research.
Key Tasks:
1. Genome Surveillance: Our team closely monitored genetic sequences to identify vulnerabilities in antiviral defense mechanisms.
2. CRISPR Cas9 Implementation: We leveraged the precision of CRISPR Cas9 to introduce targeted genetic modifications that enhance antiviral responses.
3. Mechanism Optimization: Creative ideas were encouraged, leading to the development of novel approaches for optimizing the CRISPR Cas9 system for antiviral defense.
4. Data Collection and Reporting: Comprehensive data collection and analysis allowed us to report on the effectiveness of the CRISPR Cas9 system in enhancing genome-based antiviral defense mechanisms.
5. Collaboration with StatCan: We worked in close collaboration with StatCan Gene Surveillance to ensure the project aligned with their objectives and standards.
6. Future Applications: As part of the project, we brainstormed and documented ideas for the potential applications of CRISPR Cas9 in other genetic research fields, such as disease resistance and gene therapy.
7. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that all genetic editing activities adhered to relevant ethical and legal guidelines was a key responsibility.
This collaborative endeavor with StatCan Gene Surveillance not only expanded our understanding of genetic antiviral defense mechanisms but also laid the groundwork for promising future applications of CRISPR Cas9 technology in the realm of genetic research.


            Zero Trust Security Research and Blockchain Ledger Vulnerability Mitigation in Collaboration with DoD - 2021

In 2021, I had the opportunity to work as a contractor with the Department of Defense (DoD) on a groundbreaking project focused on Zero Trust security and the identification, assessment, and elimination of vulnerabilities within blockchain ledgers. This comprehensive research initiative aimed to enhance security protocols and prevent data leaks, forging the way for innovative advancements in data protection.
Key Tasks:
1. Zero Trust Security Analysis: Our team conducted in-depth research to assess the principles and implementation of Zero Trust security in DoD systems.
2. Blockchain Ledger Vulnerability Assessment: We systematically reviewed blockchain ledgers to identify potential security weaknesses and data leakage points.
3. Vulnerability Mitigation Strategies: Innovative ideas and techniques were explored to address and eliminate vulnerabilities within blockchain technology.
4. DoD Collaboration: Close collaboration with the DoD team ensured alignment with their security objectives and compliance requirements.
5. Data Leak Prevention: We developed and tested mechanisms to prevent unauthorized data leaks, especially within sensitive blockchain ledgers.
6. Comprehensive Research: Our project involved extensive data collection, analysis, and reporting to provide the DoD with actionable insights.
7. Zero Trust Implementation Recommendations: Based on our findings, we provided recommendations for implementing Zero Trust security measures effectively within the DoD infrastructure.
8. Ethical and Legal Compliance: Ensuring that all research activities adhered to ethical and legal standards was of paramount importance.

This collaborative effort with the DoD not only contributed to bolstering their security measures but also advanced the field of blockchain ledger security, setting a new standard for comprehensive vulnerability assessment and mitigation in government and beyond.

            Enhancing User Engagement for the ArriveCAN App: Sub-Contractor's Innovative Approach in 2019

In 2019, I served as a sub-contractor for the ArriveCAN app development team, where our primary focus was to boost user engagement and travel favorable reviews. To achieve this, we leveraged custom-built tools like SEnukeTNG and XRumer, aiming to deploy mass reviews with 4+ ratings. Our project aimed to enhance the app's reputation and user perception through innovative strategies.
Key Tasks:
1. Review Enhancement Strategy: Our team devised a comprehensive strategy to enhance the app's reviews and ratings on various platforms.
2. Custom-built Tools: We developed and customized SEnukeTNG and XRumer, harnessing their capabilities for the specific goal of mass review deployment.
3. Review Quality Assurance: We ensured that the reviews being posted were genuine and met the necessary quality standards.
4. Mass Review Deployment: Using our custom-built tools, we systematically deployed a high volume of positive reviews with ratings of 4 stars or higher.
5. User Engagement Analysis: Our project involved an in-depth analysis of user engagement metrics to gauge the impact of our efforts.
6. Ethical Compliance: Throughout the project, we strictly adhered to ethical guidelines, ensuring the authenticity and legality of the reviews.
7. Continuous Improvement: We worked on improving the app based on user feedback to genuinely enhance the user experience.

The collaboration as a sub-contractor for the ArriveCAN app was aimed at improving the app's public image and user engagement. Our innovative approach, deploying custom-built tools, demonstrated a creative and technology-driven way to enhance user perceptions and drive app success.

            Affiliate Manager for a Large Affiliates Group: Nurturing Affiliate Success, Network Collaboration, and Comprehensive Reporting

In my ongoing role as an Affiliate Manager for a prominent affiliates group, I am committed to empowering affiliates in achieving their conversion goals. I work closely with established affiliate networks such as NeverBlue, MaxBounty and PeerFly to connect advertisers with the right affiliates. Additionally, I oversee the creation of regular audit reports, providing valuable insights into campaign performance.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Affiliate Support: I offer continuous guidance and support to affiliates, helping them define and track conversion goals for their marketing campaigns.
2. Conversion Optimization: My role includes assisting affiliates in optimizing their marketing strategies to enhance conversion rates, including advice on ad creatives, landing pages, and targeting.
3. Network Collaboration: I maintain strong relationships with renowned affiliate networks like NeverBlue, MaxBounty and PeerFly, facilitating seamless interactions between affiliates and these platforms.
4. Advertiser-Affiliate Matching: I focus on connecting advertisers with affiliates whose marketing methods and traffic sources align with the campaign objectives, ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships.
5. Audit Report Generation: I oversee the creation of weekly and monthly audit reports that offer a comprehensive view of affiliate performance, campaign statistics, and actionable insights.
6. Performance Analysis: Regularly analyzing campaign data enables me to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for affiliates to enhance their results.
7. Compliance and Ethical Guidelines: Ensuring affiliates adhere to network policies and industry regulations is essential to maintain a reputable and secure environment.
8. Affiliate Recruitment: I actively participate in the recruitment and onboarding of new affiliates, expanding the affiliates' network of partners.

The production of regular audit reports enhances the transparency and accountability of affiliate activities and contributes to data-driven decision-making. My role as an Affiliate Manager plays a critical part in the success of our affiliates, providing them with the support and resources needed to reach their conversion goals while fostering productive partnerships with advertisers and affiliate networks.

            Advertiser Manager for a Leading Marketing Network Group: Nurturing Conversion Success, Network Synergy, and Comprehensive Reporting 

In my ongoing role as an Advertiser Manager for a prominent Marketing Network Group, my focus is on guiding advertisers and publishers toward achieving their conversion goals across a diverse array of traffic sources. I actively collaborate with established affiliate networks, including ZeroPark and MobiVisits, to facilitate connections between advertisers and the right affiliates and publishers. Additionally, I oversee the creation of daily and weekly account audit reports, providing valuable insights into campaign performance.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Advertiser and Publisher Support: I provide continuous support to both advertisers and publishers, assisting them in defining and tracking conversion goals, optimizing their marketing strategies, and ensuring the success of their campaigns.
2. Conversion Goal Optimization: My role involves helping advertisers and publishers fine-tune their campaigns to improve conversion rates by offering insights into landing page optimization, ad creatives, audience targeting, and more.
3. Diverse Traffic Sources: I work with a wide variety of traffic sources, spanning affiliate networks, social media, search, and more, ensuring that conversion goals are attainable across all types of traffic.
4. Network Collaboration: I maintain robust relationships with prominent advertiser/publisher networks such as ZeroPark and MobiVisits, streamlining interactions between advertisers, publishers, and these platforms for efficient campaign management.
5. Affiliate and Publisher Matching: Leveraging my knowledge of the network's affiliates and publishers, I connect them with advertisers whose campaign objectives align with their traffic sources and capabilities, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.
6. Audit Report Generation: I oversee the regular creation of daily and weekly account audit reports, offering a comprehensive view of performance metrics, campaign statistics, and actionable insights for advertisers and publishers.
7. Performance Analysis: Regularly analyzing campaign data and metrics enables me to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities for optimizing campaigns.
8. Compliance and Ethical Guidelines: Upholding industry regulations, network policies, and ethical marketing practices is a top priority to ensure a secure and reputable network.
9. Recruitment and Onboarding: I actively participate in the recruitment and onboarding of new advertisers and publishers, expanding the network's reach and capabilities.

The generation of daily and weekly account audit reports enhances transparency and accountability within the network, enabling data-driven decision-making and fostering an environment of continuous improvement. My role as an Advertiser Manager is instrumental in the success of our network, empowering advertisers and publishers with the resources and guidance they need to reach their conversion goals while nurturing productive partnerships with affiliates and affiliate networks.

            Conversion Tracking and Postback Support Specialist: Empowering Affiliate and Advertiser Collaboration - 2011

In my ongoing role as a Conversion Tracking and Postback Support Specialist, I am pivotal in fostering seamless collaboration among affiliates, advertisers, and publishers. My primary focus lies in aiding the setup of subID tracking, offering assistance with conversion tag implementation, and supporting affiliates with tracking subIDs and incorporating postbacks on various platforms. This role is instrumental in ensuring precise conversion data, thereby nurturing a thriving affiliate marketing ecosystem.
Key Responsibilities:
1. SubID Tracking Setup Assistance: Collaborating with advertisers, publishers, and affiliates, I facilitate the implementation of subID tracking, allowing for the accurate monitoring of specific traffic sources and campaigns.
2. Conversion Tag Guidance: I extend support and guidance to both advertisers and publishers in configuring conversion tags, guaranteeing the accurate collection of data.
3. Postback Implementation Support: I assist affiliates in seamlessly integrating postbacks on diverse tracking platforms, facilitating the smooth transmission of conversion data.
4. Collaborative Assistance: Serving as a liaison between affiliates, advertisers, and publishers, I facilitate effective communication and address issues related to conversion tracking and postbacks, ensuring collaborative problem resolution.
5. Troubleshooting and Technical Support: I address and resolve technical challenges associated with subID tracking, conversion tags, and postback implementation, providing comprehensive technical support for a seamless tracking process.
6. Data Analysis Support: I contribute to the analysis of conversion data, offering insights and recommendations to enhance campaign performance and optimize affiliate marketing strategies.
7. Compliance and Best Practices Oversight: I ensure that tracking and conversion methods align with industry standards, ethical guidelines, and data privacy regulations, providing comprehensive support to maintain compliance.

With proficiency in tracking platforms such as Voluum, Imobitrax, Binom, Maxconv, and others, both self-hosted and SaaS, I bring a wealth of experience to elevate the efficiency of conversion tracking and postback implementation processes.

 ISP Surveillance and Security Analyst / Traffic Auditor - 2008 


Dedicated and skilled ISP Surveillance and Security Analyst with expertise in auditing network traffic for major ISPs, including Bell, Telus, Cogeco, Rogers, Teksavvy, and MNSI. Proven track record in ensuring network integrity, identifying security threats, and optimizing bandwidth usage. Adept at pinpointing mass data mining activities and addressing bandwidth consumption issues.
Key Responsibilities:
- Comprehensive ISP Surveillance:
  Conducted thorough surveillance of network traffic for major ISPs, proactively identifying and mitigating potential security threats.
- Traffic Auditing Expertise:
  Implemented effective traffic auditing procedures to monitor and analyze data flows, ensuring compliance with security protocols and identifying anomalies.
- ISP Network Security:
  Collaborated with ISPs, such as Bell, Telus, Cogeco, Rogers, Teksavvy, and MNSI, to enhance network security measures and safeguard against cyber threats.
- Bandwidth Optimization:
  Evaluated and optimized bandwidth usage to enhance network performance and provide a seamless internet experience for users.
- Identification of Mass Data Mining:
  Developed strategies for identifying and mitigating mass data mining activities, safeguarding user privacy and network resources.
- Addressing Bandwidth Hoggers:
  Implemented measures to locate and manage bandwidth hoggers, ensuring fair and efficient distribution of network resources..
Additionally, proficient in locating instances of mass data mining and implementing measures to address bandwidth hoggers, optimizing network performance and ensuring a superior internet experience for users.
            Healthcare IT Specialist and Security Administrator - 2005
As a dedicated and accomplished Healthcare IT Specialist and Security Administrator, I bring extensive expertise to the intersection of technology and healthcare. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges within the healthcare IT landscape, I have successfully collaborated with medical professionals, ensuring the seamless operation of software and hardware systems critical to patient care. My role extends beyond conventional IT support, encompassing a spectrum of responsibilities ranging from cybersecurity implementation to the administration of diverse healthcare management software.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Comprehensive Healthcare IT Maintenance:
   - Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals to maintain and optimize software and hardware systems.
   - Ensuring the reliability and efficiency of diverse healthcare IT ecosystems.
2. Robust Cybersecurity Implementation:
   - Employing cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to fortify defenses against potential threats and unauthorized access.
   - Safeguarding patient data across a variety of healthcare management software platforms.
3. Secure Faxing Solutions and PDF Conversion:
   - Implementing secure faxing systems to facilitate the confidential transmission of sensitive patient documents.
   - Overseeing the seamless conversion of patient documents to PDF format for secure storage on servers.
4. Expertise in Healthcare Management Software:
   - Proficiently managing and customizing healthcare management software, including but not limited to Accuro EMR, Halemind, SAN Pharma SFE, MEDICin ERP, RetailGraph, Practoray, OmniMD, Healthie, and NexTech accumed.
   - Ensuring optimal utilization and performance of each software application.
5. Database Administration and Migration:
   - Overseeing large-scale data databases, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency and adhere to regulatory standards.
   - Executing seamless migration strategies, particularly tailored to various healthcare management software applications.
6. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals:
   - Collaborating closely with doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to understand and address specific IT needs.
   - Facilitating an environment of continuous improvement by incorporating feedback from healthcare practitioners.
7. Training and Ongoing Support:
   - Providing comprehensive training sessions to healthcare staff on the effective utilization of various healthcare management software.
   - Offering ongoing support to ensure the seamless integration of technology into healthcare workflows.
8. Regulatory Compliance:
   - Ensuring strict adherence to healthcare data privacy regulations and standards across all integrated software applications.
   - Staying abreast of evolving regulatory requirements to maintain a secure and compliant healthcare IT environment.

In this multifaceted role, I combine technical proficiency with a deep understanding of the unique intricacies of healthcare IT, contributing to the delivery of quality patient care through secure and efficient technological solutions.

            Enhancing Cybersecurity Through Sub-Contracted Aladdin Vulnerability Mitigation - 2000

In the year 2000, I was sub-contracted to collaborate with the Aladdin team on a mission to identify and eliminate backdoor vulnerabilities within key components of web infrastructure, specifically Linux, Apache, and Nginx. Our primary focus was on enhancing the security of these platforms to prevent unauthorized access and maintain the integrity of web services.
Key Tasks:
1. Vulnerability Assessment: Our team conducted extensive assessments to identify potential backdoor vulnerabilities within Linux, Apache, and Nginx.
2. Security Audit: In-depth security audits were performed to analyze code, configurations, and system settings for potential loopholes.
3. Backdoor Identification: We systematically searched for hidden backdoors and potential entry points for unauthorized access.
4. Loophole Mitigation: Collaborating with the Aladdin team, we actively worked on eliminating identified vulnerabilities and strengthening security measures.
5. Ethical Hacking: Ethical hacking techniques were employed to simulate potential security breaches and test the systems for weaknesses.
6. System Hardening: We provided recommendations for enhancing the overall security posture of Linux, Apache, and Nginx to resist future vulnerabilities.
7. Collaboration with Aladdin: Close collaboration with Aladdin ensured that our efforts aligned with their security objectives and technology infrastructure.

This sub-contracted collaboration with Aladdin was instrumental in fortifying the security of Linux, Apache, and Nginx, key components of web infrastructure. Our work helped protect web services from unauthorized access and contributed to the development of more secure web technologies during the early days of the internet.

            Independent Private Sector Data Scientist and Security Analyst - 1999 & present


As a seasoned data scientist with a lifelong commitment to information analytics, I have spearheaded multiple data companies specializing in big and deep data. My extensive experience includes owning the digital IDs of every mobile device/computer in the U.S. & CA, along with indexing and archiving global IP addresses. Renowned for providing unparalleled data services, my companies serve as the top authority for corporations, law enforcement, and U.S. government agencies, including the CIA, NSA, DoD, DIA, NGA, NRO, FBI, as well as international organizations such as Interpol and Canadian agencies like StatCan, CSIS, CSEC, RCMP, NSIRA, and CATSA.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Data Indexing and Archiving: Spearheaded initiatives to own and manage digital IDs of all U.S. mobile devices/computers and indexed and archived every IP address globally.
2. National Security Collaboration: Worked closely with U.S. government agencies, including the CIA, NSA, DoD, DIA, NGA, NRO, FBI, as well as Canadian agencies such as StatCan, CSIS, CSEC, RCMP, NSIRA, and CATSA to provide critical data for national security efforts.
3. Geotracking and Geolocation: Applied expertise in geotracking and geolocation to enhance data analytics capabilities, providing actionable insights for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
4. Surveillance and Investigation Support: Assisted in tracking individuals involved in suspicious activities, providing valuable information to law enforcement agencies, including evidence related to the J6 'pipe bomber' incident.
5. Data Integrity and Security: Ensured the security and integrity of collected data, prioritizing compliance with privacy laws and regulations to protect individuals' rights.
6. Collaboration with Foreign Intelligence Agencies: Collaborated with international intelligence organizations, such as Interpol, to share critical data for global security initiatives.
7. AT&T Incident Resolution: Responded to incidents like the 'pipe bomber' case, cooperating with the FBI and providing information until the mysterious corruption of the AT&T data, highlighting the importance of data security.
8. Digital ID Ownership: Management and ownership of the digital IDs for every mobile device and computer in the U.S.
9. IP Address Indexing: Comprehensive indexing and archiving of global IP addresses.

As a contractor, it is imperative to handle data collection and sharing responsibly, adhering to the parameters set by privacy laws and ethical guidelines. It is essential to consistently evaluate the legal and ethical ramifications associated with managing sensitive information.


Previous and Current

            Co-Producing Secure Cloud-Based Data Compression for CIRC: Ongoing Partnership with PHAC - 2022

In 2022, I was part of a collaborative effort to establish a production environment for the co-production of encrypted data compression and decompression solutions, primarily used in the Cloud Incident Response Center (CIRC). This ongoing partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) aimed to enhance data security and responsiveness in critical healthcare operations.
Key Tasks:
1. Production Environment Setup: Our team established a secure production environment capable of handling data compression, decompression, and reconstruction tasks.
2. Co-Production Strategy: We devised a co-production strategy with PHAC to ensure that the solutions met their specific needs and security requirements.
3. Encrypted Data Compression: We implemented state-of-the-art data compression techniques with a focus on data security, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.
4. Data Decompression and Reconstruction: Our project included developing efficient methods for decompressing and reconstructing data while maintaining its integrity.
5. Cloud-Based Infrastructure: We leveraged cloud technology to facilitate scalability, accessibility, and real-time data processing.
6. Ongoing Contract with PHAC: We maintained an ongoing contract with PHAC, providing continuous support, updates, and enhancements to the data compression and decompression systems.
7. Data Security Compliance: Ensuring that data handling complied with relevant security and privacy standards was a top priority.

This collaboration with PHAC represented a significant step in improving data security and response capabilities within the healthcare sector. By providing secure data compression and decompression solutions, we contributed to the resilience and efficiency of the Cloud Incident Response Center and supported PHAC in their critical healthcare initiatives.

            Collaborative Development of Ghidrax Plugin for Comprehensive Reverse Engineering and Forensics - 2009

In 2009, I was part of a collaborative effort to co-produce a reverse engineering tool in the form of a Ghidrax plugin, designed for conducting internal and external forensics investigations with a wide scope. This initiative aimed to empower forensic experts and security professionals with a versatile tool for analyzing and uncovering critical insights from digital systems.
Key Tasks:
1. Ghidrax Plugin Development: Our team focused on the creation and customization of a Ghidrax plugin to facilitate reverse engineering and forensics tasks.
2. Forensics Tool Integration: We ensured seamless integration of the Ghidrax plugin into existing forensic analysis frameworks.
3. Internal and External Search: The tool was equipped with features for conducting both internal and external digital investigations, encompassing a broad scope of analysis.
4. Data Analysis and Recovery: Our project involved developing algorithms and techniques for data analysis, recovery, and reconstruction from various sources.
5. Collaboration with Forensics Experts: Close collaboration with forensic experts provided valuable insights and real-world requirements for the tool's functionality.
6. Security and Privacy Compliance: Stringent security and privacy standards were adhered to in handling and analyzing digital evidence.

The collaborative development of the Ghidrax plugin served as a significant step in advancing the capabilities of digital forensics and reverse engineering. By providing a versatile tool that could be utilized for a broad range of internal and external investigations, our efforts contributed to the effectiveness of forensic experts in uncovering critical information from digital systems.

            Empowering - 1991


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